Reviews of Out of the Blu

Out of the Blu by Vitali Vitaliev

"This clever and engaging tale of overlapping quantum worlds explores the strangest ‘multiverse’ of all - the many selves that make up a person"

Piers Bizony (author of Atom), science writer, filmmaker


"In Vitaliev’s expert hands, science fiction is neither science nor exactly fiction – and comedy isn’t always comic. For, using the multi-universe hypothesis borrowed from quantum mechanics as his backdrop, he shows human relationships in their palpable reality moulded out of flesh and blood, and animated by the heart. The reader may sometimes laugh, sometimes cry – while always admiring the work of a true master."

A. Boot, columnist, blogger, author of "How the Future Worked"

“‘Out of the Blu’ is an intriguing thought experiment that amuses where its scenes overlap and repeat… a humorous read for anyone who’s ever wondered – what if I could change one thing about myself / my partner? Be careful what you wish for…”

Buried Under Books

“I loved how Vitali, takes on the genre and makes it unique and unlike anything I have read before… Little shout out for Vitali for doing his research on quantum theory and the mathematical and scientific theories surrounding the science of the ‘impossible’.”

Readers Enjoy Authors’ Dreams blog (


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