Out of the Blu

Out of the Blu by Vitali Vitaliev

by Vitali Vitaliev

Viktor and Katherine Petroff return from a short holiday in Majorca to find somebody is in their house.

Meanwhile, Victor and Catherine Petrov return from a short holiday in Majorca and on the way home suffer a minor traffic collision.

At the same time, Victor and Katherine Petrovas are involved in a major car crash and are killed outright.

Three near identical couples. Two have slipped through the cracks from other universes. Trapped in a world which is almost – but not quite – like their own, they must work together to figure out how they travelled the multiverse to become stranded in a strange land.

The underlying theme of Vitali Vitaliev’s new science-fiction comedy thriller, however, is not so much the multiverse as that eternal question: how well do we know our loved ones?

Relationships are strained, new attachments are formed and the beautiful little differences that make each of us unique are examined closely.