Passport to Enclavia:
Travels in Search of a European Identity

Passport to Enclavia by Vitali Vitaliev

by Vitali Vitaliev

What does it mean to be European? The answer lies in Europe’s forgotten enclaves - tiny fragments of one country cut off and completely surrounded by another, stuck between two different cultures, currencies and sometimes even languages. Renowned author Vitali Vitaliev (Life as a Literary Device) explores the idiosyncrasies of these enclaves and the state of European identity.

An acclaimed investigative journalist, Vitali uncovers the roots of the current EU crisis ten years ago, providing a timelessly topical perspective on one of recent history’s key events.

Passport to Enclavia is an homage to Europe, in all its marvellous diversity.

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Passport to Enclavia is available now for the Kindle and Apple devices, and in paperback.
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