Reviews of The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels

The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels by Vitali Vitaliev

"...a great traveller and a wonderful travel writer, immune from stereotypes and clichés..."

Ian Mayes,
former Readers Editor of the Guardian

The 21 pages devoted to Switzerland, one of his favourite countries, are quite up-to-date and make for entertaining reading for those who are also interested in this country.

Swiss Express –
the journal of the Swiss Rail Society

It is great to hear of the stories that Vitali has to tell, including using Baedeker’s London 1900 to explore the sights and sounds of London using the London Underground network. the book would be great as a sort of online travel blog which describes all of his tours. Lots of countries here I have never been to, so the book is interesting to read and hear about the stories and memories.

Rail Advent website

This is an excellent read, which almost takes you to the places that Vitali describes so well. It's a fascinating insight into modern geopolitical history, in which Vitali has a way of bringing to life though the people he encounters and the locations he chooses. Some [locations] are well-known, whereas others are out of the way and off the beaten track. He always comes across as being a considerate traveller, not only telling it how it is but having a polite way with everyone. Although it is a bumper book at 640 pages, it is easily digestible, as each chapter can be read in 10 to 30 minutes, so you can easily come back to it where you left off. I read it from beginning to end, and enjoyed the journeys. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to hold on to it, put it aside, and read it again in the future. Well recommended

Amazon customer

It is that eye for the unusual, the unexpected, which is the hallmark of Vitali’s writing. It makes for perfect reading in these spring days when we are all still staying to home.

Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries,
Editors of Hidden Europe Magazine

Vitali Vitaliev is a cult writer and journalist.

The world comes alive one sentence after another beautifully shaped sentence, one page after another perfectly structured page, one chapter after another chapter short on words but long on startling imagery and X-ray vision. If the purpose of literature is indeed to enlighten and delight, then The Bumper Book does so with the verve and precision seldom found in this genre. .. Vitali is a British writer par excellence. But he wouldn’t be the British writer he is without the experience of having been (and lived) just about everywhere. An experience I for one am grateful he has put to such a thoroughly enjoyable use. 

Alexander Boot, writer, critic, polemicist

Takes you to places that you didn’t know existed
Bumper this book certainly is, a wonderful compedium of Vitali's many travels. He's an excellent guide, always witty, sometimes grumpy but never dull. You will spend many happy hours in his entertaining company and it's difficult to put down - but be warned: the volume is so heavy that you may well do irreversible damage to your wrists if you don't take the occasional break.

Amazon customer




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