The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels
Thirty Years of Globe-Trotting (1990 – 2020)

The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels by Vitali Vitaliev

by Vitali Vitaliev

Award-winning writer Vitali Vitaliev has been exploring the world and writing about his experiences for thirty years. Now you can read some of his very best work, collected into one volume.

The sheer scope of Vitali’s wanderings is amazing, and The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels: Thirty Years of Globe-Trotting (1990 – 2020) will take you to all five continents and to hundreds of places.

The Bumper Book of Vitali’s Travels explores Vitali’s passion for travel – his ‘dromomania’ – from his first trip outside the USSR, when he took a train from Moscow to Britain, to a final trip to a Slovenian/Italian town just as lockdown started to shutter Europe in March 2020.

During his career he filed reports and travel features for various newspapers and magazines from America, Australia, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland, and numerous islands, including the Falklands. He visited enclaves and micronations, got lost and nearly froze to death on a Swiss mountain, narrowly avoided being caught up in a pub shootout in Northern Ireland, wrote about the drinking habits of Eastern Europeans, and visited locations significant to authors that he loves. All this is included in the Bumper Book. Vitali also writes about his favourite places – and his worst ever journey – and gives some advice for those wishing to follow in his footsteps and become a travel journalist.