Thrust Books submission Guidelines.

mel c quarters

Book Proposals

If you have an idea for a book but you haven’t written it yet, or you have written a few chapters but are not sure if it’s worth continuing, you can submit a book proposal. Simply describe the book you want to write, with an outline of the chapters and sub-sections, and email it to us along with your legal name, penname and street address. If you have any completed chapters send them as an attached file, using the same guidelines as for completed manuscripts.

Proposals can be emailed to:

We will respond with an email acknowledging receipt of the proposal. We will endeavour to come back with comments within two weeks. If we think your proposal will make a good book we will tell you, but this will not count as a promise to publish on our part. You are also free to take your completed manuscript to other publishers should you wish.

When you complete the manuscript it should be submitted using the guidelines for completed manuscripts.